Matrics Management is a respected talent agency renown for launching some of Australia’s best young actors including Sophie Low, Rhys Wakefield, Louis Hunter, James Fraser, Holly Fraser, Kenya Pearson and Leonie Whyman.

Over the past 13 years, Matrics has built a reputation for representing children, teens and young adults who are not only talented but who undertake continual part-time training to hone their stage and screen skills to increase their chances securing professional work.

Matrics has built strong business relationships with Casting Directors as expressed by some here:

I love dealing with Matrics, I brief them on every project I work on and will always continue to do so. They are intuitive, efficient, intelligent, super approachable, and adept at spotting and nurturing talented actors across all age groups.”
Danny Long-Casting Director

“I always find it’s worth paying close attention to Matrics’ suggestions as they have a great eye for talent and have actors that always deliver at auditions.”
Tim Littleton-Casting Director

Matrics are a delight to work with. Their ability to identify talent is long proven with the discovery of actors such as Sophie Lowe, Rhys Wakefield and James Fraser. All actors represented by Matrics are talented, versatile and incredibly viable across the competitive industry. Matrics and all their actors are an integral part of this industry.”
Maura Fay Casting

I know I will always get a good audition from a Matrics actor.”
Anousha Zarkesh- Casting Director

“Matrics is always good to deal with and have a variety of reliable talent.”
Suzie McLean-Casting Director

A history of great kids and good performances.”
I4 Casting

Matrics actors express their gratitude for the mentoring and support they receive:

“I feel so lucky to be part of Matrics. Vicki is the most hardworking, dedicated & passionate agent. She is approachable – even during her busiest periods – and is highly professional with everything she does. She truly looks after her clients and will do whatever it takes to see them succeed. Thank you for taking me on board. I look forward to another great year with you.”
Rebecca Lahanas (23 years) – Graduate Actor/Commercial Talent

Matrics Management makes the actor agent relationship simple, warm and positive. Vicki is passionate about her talent and is invested in not only getting you work now, but helping you to create your long term career. She works hard for her talent where it counts and genuinely takes care of her actors. It makes such a difference to be with an agency that goes above and beyond.
Sophie Hawkshaw (20 years) – Actor/Singer/Musician

“Matrics Management has helped me take my first steps in establishing a career in acting. Vicki keeps me informed of current training courses and opportunities to work with the most prominent casting directors in Australia. Here at Matrics I wasn’t just a number on the books, Vicki has taken the effort to get to know me as a person and artist. She not only works tirelessly for all her talent (she’s constantly submitting – even on holidays), but she also genuinely cares about every single one of us on her books. She takes the time to get to know all of us on a personal level so that she can make the best decisions for us and for the casting directors on the other end. I have been with Vicki for less than 6 months – And in those last 6 months I have secured some amazing jobs and have had the opportunity to audition for a number of fantastic productions.”
Premila Jenner (29 years) – Actor and Commercial Talent

“When I arrived in Australia over a year ago I had an email from Vicki asking to have a chat about my career. As soon as she called me I knew she was the agent for me. She was eager, enthusiastic, understanding, knowledgeable and above all she believed in me. Having come from the London industry I didn’t know what to expect in Sydney and I have been absolutely blown away by how fast Vicki got me a job and in to the audition room. She constantly helps me with advice and guidance and I trust her opinion one hundred percent. A great agent with a wonderful attitude towards her actors.”
Jessica Baker (25 years) – Graduate Music Theatre Actor/Singer/Dancer/Commercial Talent

“Vicki Jackson continues to show me and all her actors an unbelievable amount of support and guidance in every aspect of the industry. She works hard and from a personal, caring level-getting her actors in the room at every opportunity with Australia’s leading Casting Directors, ensuring everyone is prepared and feeling confident. She aims high, I feel grateful to be part of the support network that is Matrics Management, and am so lucky to have Vicki in my life!
Eleni Cassamatis (23 years) – full-time student Actors Centre Australia

“Success has nothing to do with what you gain and accomplish for yourself it’s what you do for others Vicki. All your support and advice is greatly appreciated.”
SuzanMarie Ghaleb (12 years) – Actor/Singer/Presenter/Commercial Talent